On Saturday 15/05/2021 we commenced the main preparations for the PLP2021 summer acquisition season. A team of four people using an inflatable boat anchored 6 marker buoys, in the Gulf of Gera in Lesvos. The marker buoys were set in a grid of 50×100 m, in a specified area of about 7000 m2 in a small bay in the vicinity of Skala Loutron. The area was designated in coordination with the local and regional authorities. The positioning of the marker buoys was done using a set of pre-defined coordinates and two separate GPS devices, as well as a range finder to assure the required distance between each buoy.

The buoys are set to indicate the positions for the large mooring blocks that will be used to anchor the long-term deployment targets which will be used during the acquisition period. The mooring blocks will be installed in the next phase of preparations during the coming days. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure the safe deployment of the mooring system and targets, in accordance with legal requirements. A meeting with local fishermen associations has been scheduled to inform the local stakeholders of the experiment and to assure that there will be no disruption in the daily activities.