Tuesday 06/07/2021 was the fifth data acquisition for PLP2021. Sentinel 2 multispectral data of both the two large area targets (HDPE mesh and wooden plank/natural debris simulator) were acquired, along with very high resolution images from a DJI Phantom pro v4 drone. Hyperspectral data were acquired using an Oceanoptics Flame mini spectroradiometer. Metadata collection included wind speed and direction, incident light intensity and turbidity using a Secchi disk. Visual inspection of the targets did reveal some minor damage to the wooden target, which will be repaired in the coming acquisition day. Biofouling accumulation is becoming denser, covering larger areas of the HDPE target. The algae growth is denser in areas of the target that are continually submerged and seems to increase with depth of submersion. Conditions were calm with low winds, no cloud cover over the deployment area and a clear atmosphere.