On Tuesday 10/08/2021 we performed the 12th data acquisition for PLP2021. Sentinel 2 multispectral data of the two large area HDPE mesh and wooden targets were acquired. UAS data were not acquired due to technical issues. Metadata collection included wind speed and direction and turbidity using a Secchi disk. Spectrometer hyperspectral data were collected using an Ocean Insight Flame mini spectrometer (200-1000 nm). The 4 L containers used for lifting the mesh above the water surface were removed after satellite passage. Without the 4 L containers the total area of the mesh will be affected by biofouling. Additionally, the mesh will be submerged approximately 50 cm below the water surface, simulating the suspension of marine litter in the water column. Conditions were very calm, with low winds and a cloud-free sky over the deployment area.