On Tuesday 18/05/2021 the MRSG team had a meeting at Skala Louttron in the Gulf of Gera, with local fishermen, council members and the local population in general. The meeting was held in order to inform all interested parties of the experiment that will take place in the area and to provide details about the space that will be occupied and the infrastructure that will be deployed (buoys, anchoring blocks, targets etc.), as well as answer any questions that the local inhabitants might have regarding the experiment. Four members of the MRSG team and a total of about 12 people from the local area took part in the meeting. A presentation of the experiment was performed and all interested parties (mainly fishermen that are active around the area of the experiment) were briefed of the activities that will take place in the coming months. No significant concerns were raised, with the local community showing their support towards the experiment and a general willingness to combat marine plastic pollution.