On Tuesday 15/06/2021 we constructed a wooden target which simulates natural floating debris, in order to assess the possibility to discriminate between floating plastic litter and natural floating debris. A group of 20 MRSG team members and University of the Aegean, Department of Marine Sciences student volunteers work for the construction of the target. The target was made of 4 m long, 22 cm wide wooden planks, connected together using rope. The planks were tethered together in groups of 9 planks with 30 cm gaps in between each plank. The groups of planks, 38 in total, will be connected together in a rectangular grid pattern, creating a formation that encloses a theoretical 28 m diameter circle, to achieve the same pixel area coverage as the HDPE mesh target. The 38 groups of planks will be towed to the deployment site, connected together at sea and tethered to the anchoring buoys. The target is meant to be deployed for the same amount of time as the HDPE mesh target, in order to acquire at least 10 Sentinel 2 images.