Thursday 01/07/2021 was the fourth data acquisition for PLP2021. This was the last acquisition with the 8 square targets built for the REACT project. The 8 targets were removed after Sentinel 2 overpass. Sentinel 2 multispectral data of the two large area targets (HDPE mesh and wooden plank/natural debris simulator) and the 8 smaller area square targets were acquired. A DJI Phantom v4 pro drone was used for very high resolution optical data acquisition. Hyperspectral data were acquired using an Oceanoptics Flame mini spectroradiometer. Turbidity conditions were assessed using a Secchi disk. Visual inspection of the targets did not reveal any damage, however some biofouling has already started to accumulate on the HDPE mesh target. Wind speed and light intensity metadata were collected. Conditions were calm with low winds and no cloud cover over the deployment area.