The second data acquisition for PLP22 took place on the 21st of June. Sentinel-2 satellite data, along with very-high-resolution multi-spectral, RGB and thermal data using drone-borne imagers on board a UCD Mera quadcopter UAS were acquired. Two small 1×1 m targets – one made with white HDPE tarp and one with reeds, were added to the deployment set-up to assess the minimum detectable abundance fraction of the Sentinel-2 MSI sensor and the detection capabilities of the much higher resolution of the Pleiades sensor. A series of 4 L HDPE containers were added underneath the mesh of the 7 m diameter targets to slightly rise it off the water surface. Ancillary data acquisition included wind speed and direction, incident light intensity and sea surface temperature, along with a water sample collection for chlorophyl estimation. Conditions were good with clear skies and low winds.