Celebrating tommorow’s World Oceans Day 2019 the PLP19 group organized today’s experiment with an informative and educational scope. The rector of the University of the Aegean Chryssi Vitsilaki was present overwatching the experiment and emphasizing the importance of the initiative. Hoping to spread awareness for the marine plastic litter pollution to the general public we invited the national television channel ERT3 to cover the process of the experiment as well as offering special interviews with the group’s members to talk about the need to keep our oceans clean and how our project can benefit this cause.

Today we prepared an integrated iteration of the project by deploying the surface targets and the submersible cube. The surface targets were three, one was covered by natural materials (branches, leaves etc.) and the other two were covered by plastic bottles but had different dimensions. The Sentinel-2 gathered data over the study area at around 12:00 am and deployed the MRSG UAV S1000 to sample the targets’ surfaces. The UAV was mounted by both the RGB camera and the SlantRange Sensor. We closed the day by cleaning litter from the beach and pay our respect  to the ocean that now needs our help more than ever.