Friday 18/09/2020 was the first deployment of the targets constructed in collaboration with NTUA. 12 targets were successfully deployed using the 12 anchors previously set. PRISMA hyperspectral and UAS optical, multispectral and hyperspectral data were acquired. Conditions were optimal, although the optical depth of the atmosphere was limited due to high water vapor concentrations. During target deployment, the boat team detected a number of PET water bottles and other marine litter items. The PET bottle targets were inspected by the team in order to exclude the possibility of contamination due to target damage. The team collected a total of about 20 PET bottles floating towards Tsamakia beach (from east to west), which were also inspected. None of the collected bottles had the characteristic holes used to fasten the bottles to the target frame. The origin of the high concentration of PET bottles is unknown. Other sighted items included: food wrappings, single use face masks and EPS foam items.