October marked the wrap-up of PLP2021. On Thursday the 7th of October we transported the target from the deployment area to the location it was assembled in June to proceed with the disassembly. On Friday the next day a group of about 15 individuals, including MRSG team members and University of the Aegean students, worked on the disassembly of the HDPE mesh target. The HDPE mesh sheets were removed from the frame and the compression fittings attaching the pipes were undone. This marks the end of the 2021 acquisition season. We have collected numerous Sentinel 2 multispectral images, under variable conditions (water turbidity, sea state, atmospheric conditions, levels of biofouling), along with very high resolution UAS images, in-situ spectrometer measurements (400-1000 nm) and the corresponding metadata. The analysis and processing of the dataset will bring us and the scientific community as a whole, one step closer to operational satellite-based remote sensing of floating marine litter.