On Wednesday 09/06/2021 we carried out the deployment of the 28 m diameter HDPE mesh target. We commenced by inspecting the target for potential damage and made final adjustments and improvements to the target construction. A team of 5 people (3 MRSG team members and 2 professional divers) using two inflatable dinghies, slowly towed the target to the deployment position and tethered it to four buoys already set in place. Although challenging due to the nature of the construction, towing went as planned with minimal deformation to the target frame. The target was set in place by tethering two lines to each of the four buoys in order to secure it against potential harsh weather and to ensure that the frame has a circular shape as much as possible.  Weather conditions were good with a slight breeze and no significant wave action, with deployment of the target going smoothly as planned. The target will remain deployed on site for a period of 2 to 4 months, with an aim to acquire at least 10 good quality cloud-free Sentinel 2 images. The successful target deployment marks the end of the deployment phase. The data acquisition phase will officially commence of Friday 11/06/2021 with the first scheduled Sentinel 2 overpass.