Friday 11/06/2021 was the first acquisition day of PLP2021. Conditions were optimal with low wind and a slightly rippled sea surface. Sentinel 2 data were acquired over crystal clear skies. Drone images were acquired for the production of an orthophoto map of the target deployment area for the calculation of Sentinel 2 pixel percentage coverage. Wind speed and direction, as well as incident light intensity were also recorded.  The target was intact with no apparent damage and squarely in place inside the designated space, tethered by the buoys. This marks the official start of the PLP2021 summer acquisition season. The acquisition phase will run for a period of 2 to 4 months, aiming at acquiring at least 10 high-quality, cloud-free Sentinel 2 images and complementary hyperspectral data and metadata, as well as Sentinel 1 and Planet data.