Tuesday 21/06/2021 was the second acquisition day of PLP2021. Sentinel 2 data of the deployment area containing both the HDPE mesh and the natural debris targets were acquired. In addition to the 2 large area targets, we also deployed 8 of the 12 square targets (four 2.4×2.4 m and four 0.6×0.6 m), built in 2020 in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and PLANETEK as part of the ESA funded REACT project. The targets contain PET bottles, HDPE tarp, XPS sheets, as well as a mixture of the three materials. These targets will remain in the water for at least one more Sentinel 2 acquisition, with WVII and PRISMA data also being acquired. UAS high resolution optical images of the deployment area were also acquired for the production of an orthophoto map of the area. Additionally, hyperspectral measurements of the water background and the HDPE mesh target were also collected using an Oceanoptics Flame miniature spectrometer. Metadata collection includes wind speed and direction, incident light intensity and turbidity using a Secchi disk. Conditions were optimal with minimal cloud cover and very low winds.