The 17th data acquisition for PLP2021 took place on Thursday 09/09/2021. Data acquisition included Sentinel 2 multispectral imagery of the HDPE mesh and wooden plank mixed target, along with very high resolution images from a DJI Phantom 4 pro RTK drone. Metadata collection included wind speed and direction and empirical measurement of turbidity using a Secchi disk. Spectrometer hyperspectral measurements were performed using an Ocean Insight Flame mini spectrometer. Biofouling is starting to accumulate again on the HDPE mesh after the cleaning that took place, but most of the target area is clear of growth. Approximately 30-40% of the target is partially submerged under the sea surface (at approximately 10-20 cm depth), while the remaining target area is floating on the surface – both HDPE mesh and wooden planks. Conditions were calm, with low winds and waves of no more than 0.2 m. The sky was clear, but with thin cloud cover over the deployment area during satellite acquisition that could affect data quality.