The 16th data acquisition for PLP2021 took place on Saturday 04/09/2021. The weather was windy, i.e. 4-5 Beaufort, (8.5 m/sec wind speed). The wooden target was removed from the experiment area. Part of it was placed beneath the mesh for simulating a mixed target i.e., plastic and wood simultaneously. The wood helps the mesh remain at surface level. Most of the mesh was on the sea surface, and part of it some centimeters out of the water. Biofouling levels were in low stages since it was cleaned in the previous experimental date. Very high-resolution images were acquired using a DJI Phantom 4 pro RTK drone. Metadata collection included wind speed and direction, light intensity and turbidity using a Secchi disk empirical measurement. The sky was clear, however the sunlight intensity was slightly lower than in previous measurements. The target is still in good condition, however, there are several overworked points.